Author: David Herrera

Exfoliation, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Why Exfoliate?, How exfoliation works Skin Renewal Series - The Case for Exfoliation Healthy skin has a natural cycle of renewal, which begins with fresh new cells formed at the lower levels of the skin (the epidermis) and

The Truth About Cortisol Recent events have changed almost everything about the day-to-day life in the United States, from work and education to travel and recreation. And, according to the American Psychological Association, these changes have led to a significant amount of

4 NUTRITIONAL MINERALS FOR PREVENTING HAIR LOSS Iron: Iron deficiency, linked to diffuse hair loss, is most common in menopausal and pregnant women; vegans and vegetarians may also be susceptible, as well as patients dealing with malabsorption or intestinal disease. But don’t

Retinoids: Facts and Fiction Retinoids, a family of molecules most people know as Vitamin A, are highly effective anti-aging and anti-acne ingredients. I have personally witnessed dramatic improvements in blemished skin, wrinkles and fine lines, and lightening of age spots, results

Enzymes Enzymes, proteins with a wide range of biological effects, can be said to be the molecules of life. In fact, nothing in biology could occur without these vital biochemicals and, while most of us never give them a thought, deficiencies

Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic acid has been around as a skincare ingredient for a long time.  Doctor’s and clever skincare professionals have been using it for decades. But recently, a flood of HA-containing product has entered into the marketplace and targeting non-professional

Discover the Health Benefits of Cordyceps Cordyceps, the famous "caterpillar fungus" that feeds on the carcasses of dead moths, beetles, ants and other insects, has been honored as a healing phytotheraputic for over a thousand years. There are over 600 varieties

The Dose Makes the Difference The Truth is: The Dose Makes the Difference. We say it a lot: Truth Treatments are Pharmacist formulated. But what does that really mean, and how does it affect your skin? Pharmacists formulate with a different mentality than

Food for Thought The digestive tract, a 30-foot marvel of mechanical and chemical bio-machinery, turns the 3 or 4 pounds of food that we eat every day, into us, plus eliminated waste. While most of us think of the stomach and

Healthy Body, Healthy Skin One of the best ways to stay healthy, slow down the aging process, and support the immune system is to enjoy a workout. Ironically and unfortunately these days getting to the gym may be easier said than done.


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