Exfoliation, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Why Exfoliate?, How exfoliation works Skin Renewal Series - The Case for Exfoliation Healthy skin has a natural cycle of renewal, which begins with fresh new cells formed at the lower levels of the skin (the epidermis) and

Enzymes Enzymes, proteins with a wide range of biological effects, can be said to be the molecules of life. In fact, nothing in biology could occur without these vital biochemicals and, while most of us never give them a thought, deficiencies

The Dose Makes the Difference The Truth is: The Dose Makes the Difference. We say it a lot: Truth Treatments are Pharmacist formulated. But what does that really mean, and how does it affect your skin? Pharmacists formulate with a different mentality than

Food for Thought The digestive tract, a 30-foot marvel of mechanical and chemical bio-machinery, turns the 3 or 4 pounds of food that we eat every day, into us, plus eliminated waste. While most of us think of the stomach and

New Year, New You Well, it’s that time of year once again, New Year’s resolution time, and if you’re like most folks you’ll have at least one or two new habits on your list that you’ll start

Sunscreen vs sunblock, healthy spf, best spf, Since they feel relatively lightweight on the skin and don’t leave a greasy white residue behind, chemical sunscreen formulations dominate the U.S. market. They are also super cheap for manufacturers to make, although not

Dry skin, truth about dry skin, dry skin remedies, dry skin cure Dry skin is an incredibly common complaint, especially during the cold dry winter months. The first thing people do when their skin feels “dry” is slather on a moisturizer,

Healthy fats, skin food, beauty foods Conventional wisdom has programmed us into believing that eating fat-dense foods and cholesterol is not a good idea. Nonetheless, from a biochemical perspective, when eaten unprocessed, these dietary substances are essential, quite healthy and should


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