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Exfoliation, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Why Exfoliate?, How exfoliation works Skin Renewal Series - The Case for Exfoliation Healthy skin has a natural cycle of renewal, which begins with fresh new cells formed at the lower levels of the skin (the epidermis) and

Healthy Body, Healthy Skin One of the best ways to stay healthy, slow down the aging process, and support the immune system is to enjoy a workout. Ironically and unfortunately these days getting to the gym may be easier said than done.

Essential Fats Despite its reputation, fat (the right kind of fat, anyway) is not a four-letter word. Fat is a critical, energy-dense nutrient required for optimal cell and biological function, as petrol is to a car. If protein forms the machinery,

Why Meditation Is Good For Your Skin It’s well known that meditation has many science-based benefits like reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, and promoting emotional health. But, in addition to being regarded as an amazing spiritual and mental health strategy,

Foods for Healthy Skin, healthy skin foods, beauty food The Truth is …. our bodies are made up of the food we eat! While that may seem obvious, we rarely take this into consideration before we consume a meal. The fact

Beet juice, juicing, skin food, beauty food, health food Don’t like beets? You’re not alone; the Food Network reported beets in their Top 5 Most Disliked Vegetables list along with eggplants, turnips, peppers and broccoli. And, according to the website, the fibery,

Retinoids how to, how to use retinol, best retinol anti-aging, retinol anti-wrinkle The Retinoids, a family of molecules most people know as Vitamin A, are highly effective anti-aging and anti-acne ingredients. I have personally witnessed dramatic improvements in blemished skin, wrinkles, and

The Truth about Retinoids Retinoids are the uncontested superstars of skincare ingredients. In fact, in the worlds of both dermatologic pharmacy and conclusive research, these Vitamin A derivatives, along with Vitamin C, are the only skincare ingredients that have definitively and repeatedly


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